The Junior Leaders Are All Set to Start Work in Ghana


The JTYAF funded Junior Leaders Expedition Team has arrived in Ghana!


They are all ready to start work in the small rural community of Obom.  The team have spent the last 48 hours settling into village life.  They have met with the village chief, received the blessing and protection of the elders and ancestors in Abenta, and have visited the neighbouring village of Obom to meet the chief and the people in the community where they will be working for the next 3 weeks.

The 2018 expedition aims to build a Junior High School in replacement of the existing condemned clay structure. This school, once completed, will be adopted by the Ghanaian government with funding for the provision of teachers for at least 10 years.

11 Qualified Junior Leaders were selected for this opportunity which is certain to be a life changing experience for them - their work will massively improve the access to education for children in the village of Obom and make a very important difference to the local community . 

The project builds on the work completed by the 2017 group who successfully completed the building of a proper primary school which is now in full use and educating the young children of Obom.