Team Foote complete 100KMs Non Stop Jurassic Challenge!

Footes 100Km challenge.jpg

Congratulations to Clare, Richard and Ricky for completing the 100Km Non Stop Jurassic Challenge and raising an incredible £1988.75 in the process. 

Clare told us, "It was the toughest thing any of us had ever done, and more challenging than we imagined. The photo above was taken just after we crossed the line and I made them run to the finish, blisters and all!"

877 started the full challenge, 257 withdrew and of the 620 that completed,Team Foote came 419,420 & 421 in a time of 29 hours and 38 minutes! Clare commented, "Glad we did it and it certainly was our biggest challenge ever but NEVER AGAIN!"

Huge JTYAF thanks and congratulations to Clare, Richard and Ricky your support will make a big difference to many young lives. 

It's not too late to support them