Richie's One Man Non Stop 150,000 metre Rowathon


The Bank Holiday weekend saw Royal Marine Richie Puttock smash his one man, non stop rowing challenge completing 150,000 metres in 11 3/4 hours.

 Sainsbury's in Ferndown hosted the event and thanks to Sue Blundell and her colleagues they couldn't have done more to help.  With a team from Barclays, JTYAF volunteers, ex Royal Marine colleagues, Royal Marine Cadets and friends and family cheering him on Richie certainly had some great support.  Richie also had the support of Bodyshocker who supplied his sports supplements.

Richie started rowing at 8am and allowed himself a 90 second break every 45 minutes in order to re-hydrate and take on essential calories.  Other than that he rowed non-stop.  It was a huge mental and physical test but his determination and courage to complete his challenge were never in doubt.  Richie finally crossed the 150,000 metre mark at 7.45pm to the cheers of the crowd which had gathered around him.


Richie commented “I had a couple of dark hours between 1pm and 3pm but the support and also knowing what I was representing in Johns name got me through it. There are so many people that made this possible that to be honest I had the easy part to do. My girlfriend Nicola has been a complete star and has put up with all the training with very good grace and understanding.  I hope that the money raised will allow more young people those once in a lifetime opportunities that can mean so much and it was an honour and privilege to be able to do something for the JTYAF.”

Richie worked incredibly hard to organise this event in support of his fellow ‘Bootneck’ John Thornton and the Thornton family have been totally overwhelmed by his kindness.  Linda Thornton remarked “Richie is a great guy and John would be amazed at his achievement.  We couldn’t believe that he was just a ‘bit sore’ the next day!”

Congratulations to Richie on his incredible achievement and also a huge thank you for the fantastic £3500 raised in sponsorship.