Junior Leaders Changing Lives

The Air Cadet Junior Leaders and Directing Staff have recently returned from their JTYAF funded expedition to Ghana where they spent three weeks working with the community based charity Village by Village. With the help of volunteers the charity makes a big difference in African villages by working to reduce the needless suffering of children living in poverty.

The team of 10 Qualified Junior Leaders helped to restore a school in the small village of Obom; the local authority started construction of the school in 2006 however it was never finished and fell into dire need of repair.  It was not a safe environment to learn in, especially for young children. The team were instrumental in its refurbishment and put to use many of the skills that they had developed on the Junior Leaders course, helping to organise and complete the refurbishment themselves.

The JTYAF is extremely proud of its link with the Air Cadet Junior Leaders Course and delighted to support this expedition.  It was a life changing experience for these outstanding young people and they made a huge and lasting difference to the children and families from this remote rural community.