JTYAF Funded Ghana Expedition for Air Cadet Junior Leaders


Congratulations to the fifty nine Air Cadet Junior Leaders on Course XVI who have recently completed their demanding course with, Test-Phase, a week long assessment. Pete and Linda Thornton were delighted to be invited to join their Graduation Dinner at RAF Honington and honoured to make the awards to the Qualified Junior Leaders (QJL's) who had applied to take part in the JTYAF funded expedition to Ghana.

The expedition to Ghana will give the QJL's the opportunity to further develop their proven leadership skills in a unique and challenging environment.  They will work alongside their Ghanaian counterparts and complete a jungle leadership course at the Ghanaian Jungle Warfare School.  They will also be involved in a community project where they will refurbish a school, providing a great opportunity for them to get involved in the local community and immerse themselves in Ghanaian culture.

We would like to congratulate Daniel Snelson, Lucinda Conder, Amelia Luddington, Samuel McSevich, Benjamin Powell, Wellington Saikat, Megan Todd, Jack Webb-Macleod and William Case-Edwards who are  pictured above with Air Commodore Dawn McCafferty at the JL's Graduation Dinner at RAF Honington.  The expedition to Ghana is sure to be a life changing experience for them and we look forward to hearing about their achievements.