30 Miles for JT's 30th


John would have been 30 years old on April 12th and here at the JTYAF we thought that it was a fitting tribute to take on a 30 mile challenge in his memory.  The final test on the Royal Marine Commando Course is a 30 miler, across Dartmoor with kit, so 30 miles is quite a significant distance for Royal Marines.

30 Miles for JT's 30th was not necessarily a 30 mile march across Dartmoor!  The challenge was whatever you wanted it to be!  You could walk, run, cycle, swim, or row, taking on the challenge as one event or several smaller challenges. With well over 100 people taking part and £6000 + already raised in sponsorship, 30 for JT was an amazing tribute to an amazing man.

Here at the JTYAF we have been so touched by this unbelievable support:

Team 'Identity Expert's,' Paul, Danny, Jamie, Russell and Jo, took on a 30 mile walk across Yorkshire which they completed in one day!  A huge achievement of endurance and commitment and they also raised over £2000 in the process!


The 'Identity Expert's weren't the only 30 Milers to complete the challenge in one day however. Councillor Steve Lugg walked his 30 miles along the Avon Valley Path from Salisbury to Christchurch.  A group of students from Bournemouth School; Benjamin Nicholas, Oliver Turner, Charlie Jones, Oliver Griffiths, Jordan Young, Ed Davies, and Elliot Rogers, together with teacher Kevin Lindsay, ran and hiked 30 miles over the Purbecks. Lorenzo Maraspin teamed up with Harry and Andrew Jackson and they cycled 30 miles, as did Joe Rawlings, while Rikki and Ellie exceeded the challenge cycling 50 and 38 miles respectively.  Robert Mitache smashed his 30 miles in a couple of hours ski-ing in Austria. Pete, Matt, Ben, Bex and Tom swam 1 mile swim in the sea (7.8 degrees C!), then did a 25 mile bike ride and a 4 mile run. 30 miles for JT's 30th complete!

Chloe Burn, Charlmaine Vella and Eileen Westerborg completed their challenge in Jersey, running 30 miles each over 3 days.  Chloe Green completed a 30 mile run over 4 days, with team mates, Lindsay Davis and Jess Payne.  Team 'Douche Family,' Marcella, Ron, Kim, Emma, Wendy, Nick, Bob, Michael, Lisa, Sue, and Charlie, completed the Castleman Trail & Wareham Walk which totalled over 30 miles.  15 year old Isabel Gosnold took her challenge to the Littledown Gym and completed a 15mile cycle, 10 mile run and 5 mile row.  Joe, Mel, Gary and Lucy took on 30 for JT as a team challenge walking 15 miles and Emma Waters completed ten 3 mile runs over the two weeks of the challenge.

Cavan Murtagh started his challenge in the UK then finished it in Nigeria. Michael Robinson ran 30 miles on the upper deck of a warship whilst deployed in the Gulf.  Linda and Brian Burn completed their challenge in Spain while the Dorset Fire and Rescue Service Cadets at Dorchester challenged the Principal Officers and beat them by cycling 30 miles on static bikes at Dorchester Fire Station.

Liam Davis, Matt Dancer and Alex Jenkins from 130 (Bournemouth) Squadron Air Training Corps took part in the 30 miles for JT’s 30th.  They set off on a ten mile bike ride to Kings Park and then ran ten miles around the track.

Our youngest 30 miler was absolute legend Blaize Kenny.  Over fourteen days he swam 1920 lengths to complete his 30 miles for JT.  His incredible commitment to get the job done was an outstanding testament to this remarkable thirteen year old whose mum Tasha is rightly extremely proud of all he achieved.  Not only did he swim 30 miles over the Easter holidays when all his friends were eating chocolate, but he also raised an amazing £600.

Anna Maycock and Darren Tharme took on the challenge in true Commando style and completed 30 miles on Dartmoor.  Katie and Chris completed their 30 miles over the Brecon Beacons.

Cai Rolfe organised a gruelling Bear Crawl challenge and achieved 26 miles and an amazing £650 in sponsorship. One of the first events, a Doggie Pier to Pier, was arranged by Nicky, Dave, Pam and Barbara and although the weather was against them they battled on through a sandstorm on the promenade with their committed team of dogs and walkers.

This is a flavour of the support that 30 Miles for JT's 30th has received and is by no means a list of all the participants.  We would  like to thank everyone who took part in JT's 30th as they have made a massive contribution to the charity set up in his memory. We are so grateful to you all for making such a huge commitment of time and energy.  30 miles is quite a distance whichever way you travel it and for so many people to take this on is quite honestly overwhelming. John would be totally amazed and extremely touched by this tribute on his 30th birthday and the Thornton family can't thank all the 30 milers enough.

Check out the JTYAF website 'Gallery' for photos of the '30 For JT' participants. If you took part and have any photos that you would be happy to let us add, please email them to linda.thornton56@btinternet.com