Ferndown Upper School Awards 2017

The John Thornton Young Achievers Foundation (JTYAF) was delighted to present scholarships and bursaries to forty-six outstanding young people from Ferndown Upper School.

John was himself a student at the school making the awards presentation an extremely special day for the charity. It’s a very special day for the students too, with award winners having the opportunity to chat about their ambitions and achievements with local dignitaries and charity trustees before the event.

Seven scholarships were awarded to support students in a whole range of activities from volunteering expeditions to Thailand and Kenya to helping with the purchase of musical instruments. An extremely talented young man will also be a step closer to achieving his ambition of becoming a professional golfer thanks to the JTYAF.

A group of 18 students received a contribution to their volunteering trip to Africa and another 21 bursaries were presented which included badminton coaching and equipment for a County player, competition entry fees and licences for a top ranking cyclist, archery equipment, a diving course, photography equipment, and lap tops to support students with additional needs.



Headteacher Philip Jones stated, “we are very lucky to be a beneficiary of the John Thornton Young Achievers Foundation because they allow our students to realise their passions and dreams. Every year our students have the chance to bid for ‘life changing’ opportunities. The JTYAF have provided the funding that has allowed our students to take their sporting aspirations to the next level, or allowed trips abroad to take part in community projects, or allowed them to purchase items they never could have afforded themselves, we are very grateful.  

Pete Thornton explained, “This really is the best day of the year for the JTYAF and a real privilege for the charity to play a part in helping these amazing young people to develop their talents and pursue their ambitions.”