Aspiration and Excellence at Ferndown First School

The JTYAF was delighted to pay a visit to Ferndown First School recently to hear all about the planned use of the charity funding for 2017.

Community, Aspiration, Respect and Excellence are the ethos values which underpin the expectations of the staff, parents and children at Ferndown First School and JTYAF funding will be used to help to nurture big dreams.

A small section of the library will be dedicated to titles which will inspire the children to aim high and spark young imaginations to explore opportunities which they may not have otherwise considered. 

A trip to the Houses of Parliament is on the agenda too, which will give the pupils the opportunity to explore the role, processes and history of Parliament during a fascinating tour inside one of the world’s most iconic buildings.

An extremely talented young writer will also be given the opportunity to further develop her skills with a series of one to one guidance sessions with local author Sarah Lean.