Bridget’s trip to Nepal

Bridget was one of 6 Qualified Junior Leaders selected to participate in an expedition to Nepal and Mount Everest Base Camp last November.

In her letter of thanks she says:

“The trip to Nepal allowed me to see and learn from the varied cultures. I have been able to develop and take away new skills from this trip, the main one being teamwork and the realisation of how important this is in various scenarios. We motivated and encouraged each other during the demanding nature of the trek to achieve the goal of reaching Mount Everest Base Camp.

This trip has really opened my eyes to the culture of Nepal and we’ve realised how much we take for granted in life such as running water.

I really admire the tremendous work you put into the JTYAF that allows the youth of today the ability to explore such extraordinary opportunities and experiences.”

Thank you Bridget, we’re glad you enjoyed the experiences Nepal had to offer.