Alex's 555 Miles - not to Impress to Inspire

Alex Macpherson is a great friend of the John Thornton Young Achievers Foundation (JTYAF) and with his next challenge he aims to inspire people, particularly young people, to really think about the effect their journey is having on the planet and consider alternative ways of getting from A to B. He also aims to highlight the problems of homelessness and the plight of people living on the streets.

Alex will be flying to Zurich in Switzerland and then running home unsupported!  555 miles over 37 days, averaging 15 miles per day.  He explained, “I want to show that there are other ways of getting from A to B. I don’t want to impress people, but I do want to inspire them.”

Alex told us, “I was lucky to grow up with friends in a generation that enjoyed physical and mental challenges. When my friend Jack and I were younger; if our parents couldn’t drive us to a place or we couldn’t get a bus, then we would cycle/run/walk there without question. I grew up building tree houses, shooting air rifles in woodland and cycling miles with my friends to go fishing. I believe that this culture is slowly becoming eroded for today’s youth, in our ever growing risk adverse society of today. Taking risk, challenging yourself and having the ability to get up and carry on are as important to grow as an individual as much as academic achievements, sometimes more so. My main goal with this challenge is to inspire everyone, but I especially want to inspire young people to be more adventurous.”

I will be sleeping rough throughout the trip, night shelter will only be provided every 4 days in order to prevent injury and to dry my equipment; I believe that this will highlight the day to day struggles that people without shelter have to face.

I really think that each and every one of us has an impact on our planet and therefore also has the capability to make an individual difference, however big or small that maybe. Hopefully my challenge will inspire people, both individually and collectively to think about their responsibility to themselves, others and the planet.  If anyone would like to be involved in organising supply drops etc. I’d be really pleased to hear from them.”

Alex is using this challenge as a fundraiser for the JTYAF, a local charity supporting young people to achieve their ambitions and also for Centre Point, a charity for young people who are homeless.  He aims to raise £5550, £10 per mile.  To support Alex please visit his online fundraising page at - every little will help.