Tour de Mont Blanc in Chamonix

A young girl has completed her Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award with an expedition to the Tour de Mont Blanc in Chamonix.

She spent 4 days walking through mountains and glaciers from France through Switzerland, Italy and back to France climbing over 1000m a day.

β€œIt was honestly the hardest thing I have ever had to do and most definitely tested not only my physical strength and stamina, but also my mental strength. We were climbing over 1000m with 15kg rucksacks in over 30 degree heat. The expedition pushed me to my absolute limits and has taught me how much determination and strength I have. We helped each other through and I will never forget the amazing experience that I had the opportunity to take part in. As well as the memories, I have some incredible photos so the views including sunrises in the mountains at 3:00am am which I am so lucky to have witnessed!”