Teaching sports in Kenya!

A young student has written an account of her time in Camp Kenya teaching sports.

"With the award from The John Thornton Young Achievers Foundation I was able to participate in the Sports Development Expedition with Camps International out in Kenya, over the course of a month.

I simply cannot explain how this trip was such a life changing experience to me and my perspective on life since being back in the UK. This opportunity allowed me to take over a variety of sporting equipment, such as Netballs, Footballs and Volleyballs, to provide the schools with so they could sustain the knowledge we had taught them and carry on the sports once we had left.

The children were a privilege to teach as they were so enthusiastic to learn new skills and become the best they could be. They always had the biggest smiles on their faces and were always so excited for our arrival everyday. Watching the children not only thrive within the skills they were being taught but also learning the importance of team work and working confidently together with other students was incredible to witness.

In our last days at Camp Tsavo we visited a local women's group founded by a woman called Mamma Masai. Mamma moved to the local area in 2008 with the ambition to start a women's group to give confidence and aid to the women of the community. She has since managed to set up many women's group further afield in other communities around Tsavo National Park, giving advice such as how to prevent HIV and how prostitution isn't the answer to getting money to feed their children.

She promotes women's rights as many women believe they should answer to their husbands and do not know they have a right to speak up about it. Seeing this women's group gave me more of a reason to want to go back to Kenya to help out in more ways than one within local areas. So I'd like to thank John Thornton Foundation for allowing me to give back to the community of Sasenyi and Buguta, in Tsavo, Kenya. I can't wait to go back to Kenya and make even more of a difference!"

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