Sailing Success for Henry and Caleb


The JTYAF was delighted to support Caleb Gibson and Henry Bradbury who took to the ocean waves this summer on a voyage with the Tall Ships Youth Trust.

A Tall Ships Adventure is a total hands-on experience. Caleb and Henry were important members of the vessel’s crew and that involved more than just the sailing – it included food preparation, maintenance and cleaning.  Their voyage aboard a Challenger Yacht provided a unique, physically and mentally challenging residential setting in which they could explore their true potential and develop many skills.

Outcomes include:-

  • Successfully completing a physical and mental challenge
  • A sense of achievement and increased self confidence
  • Teamworking under exacting conditions
  • Awareness of the value of leadership skills and teamwork
  • Healthier, more active lifestyle
  • Improved life skills
  • Improved citizenship skills

Henry and Caleb performed extremely well and received glowing reports from their Watch Leaders.

Congratulations to them both on a job well done and best wishes for every success in the future.