Rugby Tour to South Africa

A local young man will be travelling to South Africa in 2017 on a 3 week Rugby Tour.  A fantastic opportunity for him to not only play rugby but to gain an insight into the social and political history of the country and the JTYAF is delighted to contribute to his trip.

During their visit the team will see Mandela's prison on Robben Island and have the opportunity to coach in one of the townships.  They will also visit an orphanage, a game park, Cape Peninsula and Table Mountain.  This will definitely be a once in a lifetime experience for them all.

The funding provided by the JTYAF was conditional on the young man raising the same amount of funding himself. He worked incredibly hard through the summer holidays to achieve his goal, organising car boot sales, and renting out his room to foreign students.  He helped with catering, cleaning and entertained the students and thoroughly deserved the support he received.  

We look forward to hearing all about his achievements.