Project 1664 is underway!


So ‘Project 1664’ has been launched!


Why 1664? Well 1664 was John’s lucky number and special to him because it was the year that the Royal Marines was established. John was a Royal Marine through and through and it seems very appropriate to use the number most significant to him for this project. There is also the obvious link with Kronenbourg as 1664 was coincidentally the year that the famous brewery was founded. The JTYAF is therefore offering a crate of Kronenbourg to the 1,664th email contact added to our database. (Over 18s only – under 18s will receive a rather large box of Thornton’s chocolates)

You can really help us to spread the word, by getting your family and friends involved. Next time you see a can of the famous drink pictured on the right think ‘Project 1664’ and get a friend signed up for the JTYAF e-newsletter.