Nijmegen Marches for 24 cadets

The JTYAF has supported 24 cadets to do the Nijmegen Marches in Holland with 22 of them going on to receive their medals.

Flt Lt Raymond Coe commented;

"The Wing had a fantastic year.  Firstly cadets who were not sure if Nijmegen was for them, still trained with the team and participated in the RAF Walking and Road Marching Association Challenge at RAF Cosford.  They all completed with a medal count of 36 for the team. 

They then stayed training with the main team, for a few more weeks, so they could also participate in the Lyneham 2 day marches.  With again, a great team success and another 36 medals.

Following the great achievements at Nijmegen, more cadets have gained an interest in walking and requests for initial training and squadron training walks has increased substantially.  A few of these went on to walk with the team at the RAF Winter Challenge Walk at the end of October, with another good haul of walking medals, 40 in total. 

The team success has boosted the walking program so successfully that we have already now started the training walks for next year’s events.  This positive interest and growth in the program is all down to the success of this year’s team and for that The John Thornton Young Achievers Foundation must take a big part of the credit.  Without you, we would not have had that team and would not now have the movement it has created.  We hope to give many more cadets the chance to challenge themselves and see the positive effects the others have now experienced.

One further positive outcome of the experience you have helped to give, is that many of the cadets who participated this year have now started supporting and assisting the training team. Sharing the experience and knowledge they have gained.  They all loved it and want others to have this opportunity too."

The cadets have then gone on to raise £500 for the JTYAF - great work everyone!