Junior Leaders to rebuild Junior High School in Ghana


The JTYAF is funding the Air Cadet Junior Leaders Expedition to Ghana later this year where they will be partnering the local charity Village by Village. 11 Qualified Junior Leaders (pictured above) have been selected for this opportunity to join the exciting expedition which will again focus on improving the access to education for children in the village of Obom.  They will be building and improving the junior school buildings, providing a safe and sustainable structure in the vicinity of the village.    

The project builds on the work completed by the 2017 group who successfully completed the building of a proper primary school which is now in full use and educating the young children of Obom.

The 2018 expedition aims to build a Junior High School in replacement of the existing condemned clay structure.  This school, once completed, will be adopted by the Ghanaian government with funding and provision of teachers for at least 10 years.

Between the two projects children aged 5 to 18 in Obom will finally have access to reliable and modern education.  These schools will not only provide them with an education and better opportunities for the future, but will also help stimulate income for local people and the local economy. 

John's legacy lives on making a difference to children living in poverty in Ghana. Education transforms lives. For most of these young children, education represents the only way out of a life of entrenched poverty. No other investment has such a lasting effect as the education of children.