Junior Leaders Expedition to Ghana 2019


Air Cadet Junior Leaders Course XX is nearing completion and as Test Phase draws ever nearer we would like to wish all the Junior Leaders every success for the rest of the course.

At their graduation dinner the 10 Air Cadets selected for the Ghana expedition will receive their awards The Air Cadet Junior Leaders Expedition to Ghana, is a 3-week JTYAF funded, community-based project and will continue the work of the 2017 and 2018 expeditions, completing the building of the John Thornton Presby Junior High School. This project has provided children aged 5 to 18 in the small village of Obom, with access to reliable and modern education. 

The 2019 group will focus on converting the block shell into a finished building. Works will include fully plastering, rendering and painting the building to protect it from the extreme heat and rain, as well as creating walk ways and steps for safe access to the classrooms. The range of work that needs to be completed will provide students with the ability to experience the maximum number of construction jobs and have the accomplishment of seeing the site become a usable building as a result of their work.

This challenging expedition offers a unique development opportunity for the Junior Leaders to develop their personal experiences and their leadership abilities.  The difference that is made to the rural community is extraordinary and will have a lasting impact for years to come.