Junior Leaders Ghana Exped 2017

A group of ten Qualified Junior Leaders has been selected to travel to Ghana on a 3 week JTYAF funded volunteering expedition working with the locally based charity Village by Village.  The expedition will provide a realistic and practical leadership challenge for these outstanding young people. 

Our congratulations go to Albie Wilson, Alexander Forsythe, Callum Bridel, Charles McKeever, Claudia Lee, Danielle Green, James Cullum, James Ellis,  Karolina Wisniewska, and Michael Hastings on their achievement.

They will be rebuilding a Primary School in the remote rural village of Obom, in the Eastern Region of Ghana in an effort to reduce poverty and the unnecessary suffering of the children living in the village.  The Ghanaian Education Service does not have the funds to complete the building of the school, but they have agreed to provide the staff to run it once the JL's and Village by Village finish the build.  The team of Junior Leaders will assist with finishing the building project and help to fully open this school.

The school will draw in pupils not only from the village of Obom but from many smaller surrounding hamlets so the effect will be magnified many times, as building a school in a remote community does not just improve the reading, writing and maths but the school will also be used to educate the children of Obom (and therefore the families) of the importance of hands washing, the causes of malaria, cholera, typhoid and diarrhoea among many others.

We wish the team all the very best and look forward to hearing all about their achievements.