Jump Like a Tiger!

The JTYAF is extremely privileged to have the support of the Tigers Freefall Parachute Display Team and they recently organised a Tandem Skydive Day for our supporters.  


We all had a great day and can't thank our courageous team of Skydivers enough as they have raised almost £2000 so far and the money is still coming in!  Huge thanks must also go to the Tigers for putting on such an amazing day.

Roger, Chris (better known as The Stig), Gordon and Craig took on the challenge and made their exit from a perfectly serviceable plane 13,000 feet above the skies of Netheravon.

They certainly weren't short of supporters!  Team JTYAF amassed quite a crowd which was mainly down to Roger who had 19 family members cheering him on!

Roger was celebrating his wedding anniversary and Gordon commemorating a big birthday, The Stig was jumping for the second time and Craig was ticking off his bucket list.  Very different reasons behind their challenges but all for one great cause.  To help local young people to discover their potential, develop their talents and ‘climb as high as they can dream.

If you see the Tigers parachuting in at the Bournemouth Air Festival this year you may recognise the flag above.  It's going to be flown between two of the team on their way down and then auctioned at our VIP Hospitality Day on the Sunday.  It will certainly promote the charity to the hundreds of thousands of visitors on the beach.  A great idea from the Tigers. Thank you lads!