John Thornton Music Awards 2015


JTYAF Trustee, Maurice Patterson MBE,  was delighted to present the John Thornton Music Awards to seven talented musicians from the Dorset Youth Orchestra at a performance at The Royal Bath Hotel.  The students were selected because of their remarkable progress and for their outstanding commitment to the Dorset Youth Orchestras during the season. The bursaries attached to these awards will help to further their musical development.  Our congratulations go to:-

Dorset Youth Orchestra - Joshua Brewster - Gold Award Dorset Youth Jazz Orchestra - Ben Dwyer - Gold Award Dorset String Musician - George Pocock - Silver Award Dorset Brass Musician - Tom Stevens - Silver Award Dorset Woodwind Musician - Nathan White - Silver Award Dorset Percussionist -  Anna Alexander - Silver Award Dorset Vocalist -  Gwyneth Hobbs - Bronze Award

George is planning to use his bursary to put towards buying a new violin.  He told us about his achievements and plans for the future :

After winning the award my confidence has improved. I plan to audition for the County Youth Orchestra this summer and will be taking GCSE Music at school.  My next music grading will be grade six!  I was incredibly proud to win this award.  Also I am proud to be playing in the County Apprentice Orchestra because of the opportunities presented to me, for example, playing at the Royal Albert Hall, which not many people my age can do.  I also went on a tour to Frankfurt with the Dorset Music Service.

To find out more about the Dorset Music Service please visit their website.