Indian Adventure

A member of the Dorset Expeditionary Society is set to take on a four week Indian adventure starting in New Delhi and then across the Himalayas.  He has worked hard to raise the money for the trip and the JTYAF is delighted to help with the cost of essential equipment.

He's travelling to Leh, the coldest and highest inhabited place on earth, then white water rafting to the Upper Indus before trekking across the Karakoram region. Whilst in the mountains supported by local Sherpas they will trek along planned routes and take part in wild camping for the first four days where he will complete his Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. 

During week two he will be mountain biking through the Zanskar Mountains and navigating the highest Navigable trail in the world. He will then travel to Manali in Himchal Pradesh and explore New Delhi and Raj. 

Good luck with your adventure, we look forward to hearing all about it!