Hayley's Hedgehog Rescue

The JTYAF was honoured to help Hayley Dent with funds to set up her hedgehog charity.

Hayley's Hedgehog Rescue is a home-based charity based in Dorchester and rescues, rehabilitates, & releases sick, injured & orphaned wild hedgehogs.

Back in November 2014 the JTYAF presented Hayley with the award so the charity could begin. Over the summer Hayley had almost 30 hedgehogs to look after, and she's just taken her 103rd hog into care.

Hayley says her greatest achievement was releasing her first hedgehog into the wild.


"I have started the beginning of a lifelong dream. I have gained confidence in myself and in my ability to care for wildlife. I have learnt to talk to members of the public about hedgehogs with confidence and enthusiasm. Starting the rescue has also been great to do alongside uni, as things I learn on my course often help me when caring for the hedgehogs. I have also learnt a great deal from the lovely vet nurse who helps me treat my patients, including veterinary terms, how to treat wounds and about different medications."

The charity has gone from strength to strength over the past year. If you have any spare blankets, cat food (in jelly), hedgehog food, kitchen roll and anything which will help to rehabilitate the poorly hedgehogs, please get in touch with Hayley via her Facebook page.

Hayley's Facebook page can be found here.