FUS Students Will be Work Ready!


Ferndown Upper School celebrated the grand opening of the CEIL (Center of Excellence for Industrial Liaison) on Wednesday 29th April.

The centre, which is designed as a business office to prepare students for the world of work, offers them the chance to work with local businesses on various projects to enhance their CVs and employability skills such as dealing with customers, giving presentations, talking on the telephone etc.

Employers nationally are reporting that students are not ready for the world of work and don’t have these skills so the CEIL is there to bridge the gap between education and employability. It also aims to help with the transition from a highly regulated way of living “by the bell and prescription” to one of independence, self-evaluation and initiative.  CEIL director Cindy Lalani said

I have already seen the benefit of the CEIL programme for our students. They have progressed from having student attitudes to possessing a real understanding of how to conduct themselves in a professional business-like way. I would be confident and delighted to offer them positions in my business, should I have one.”

The JTYAF is proud to sponsor this exciting project and has provided funding for IT equipment for the new 'office.'

For more information please visit the CEIL website