Elliott Learns about the World of Film Production


Over the past few months Elliott Beauchamp has been working towards an exciting media project, supported by the JTYAF.

The project involved filming a large art installation, a cast of extras (composed of 20+ people), a group of 8 string players from the Wessex Youth Orchestra, and a local church choir with 25 members.

The production team was made up of technical supervisors, a lighting crew, and the filming team. The filming team was split into two subsections camera A and camera B. Elliott had the responsibility of managing camera team B.

Thank you for my award to support my media project. The funding has given me a great experience, and insight into film production, and I am extremely grateful for this.  I learnt how to film in environments correctly, adjusting aperture size and exposure to get the desired effect. It taught me how to get the correcting framing and focus for shots, and how using a wide range of equipment can achieve differing results.

Elliott hopes to learn more about animation and editing in order to pursue a future career, after taking an animation course at Bournemouth University.

Well done Elliott, we can't wait to see the finished video!

Many thanks again for your support. Without your funding it would not have been possible for me to the experience the film production world.
Lumin essence advent wreath installation
Lumin essence advent wreath installation