Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Exped for Elliott, Tom and Daniel


Tom Edgeley, Daniel Wallis and Elliott Record will be travelling to Sweden to take on the Kungsleden Trail as part of their Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award.  The JTYAF will be supporting them with funding for essential equipment for this challenging expedition.  They will be trekking for three weeks along one of the world’s best hiking trails.  An almost 450-kilometre adventure that will take them through an expansive landscape of birch forests, hidden glaciers, powerful rivers, and the highest mountains in Sweden.  They will summit Mount Kebne (6,926 feet, or 2,111 meters) during their trip.

Tom explained what he hopes to achieve by taking part in the expedition.

This will be an exciting personal challenge.  It will help me become a more confident individual which will allow me to develop my leadership skills by undertaking different roles on the trip.  Being a team player is important to me and I want to help develop team spirit and further improve my skills to ensure that we are all working effectively and successfully complete the Kungsleden Trail.

Elliott also aims to improve his leadership skills and commented.

I think the expedition will give me a great deal of responsibility which I feel will benefit my leadership skills as well as shape me into a more defined adult....I think it will improve my everyday life as I can look back and say that this is one more thing that I pushed myself to do and accomplished.

Daniel explained his reasons behind taking on this challenge.

This experience will provide the challenge needed to complete both my Gold Duke of Edinburgh's expedition aspect and part of my Queen's Scout Award....I will face may challenges both physically and mentally and overcoming these challenges will teach me important life skills.

We wish you all the very best for your expedition.