Dorset and Wiltshire Wing Nijmegen 2014 Team

The 98th International Four Days MarchesNijmegen, from 15th to 18th July, is the largest multi-day walking event in the world with more than 42,000 participants walking 100 miles over four days.  This is the  fourth year that the JTYAF has provided funding for the Dorset and Wilts Wing civilian team of 12 Air Cadets to take part in this event. The Nijmegen Marches challenge was started in 1906 by the Dutch Militaryto keep their personnel fit after the introduction of motor transport and it has now developed into a mainly civilian festival of walking.

The Nijmegen Marches will provide the cadets with a unique experience to develop as individuals and as part of a team, working together with cadets from many different squadrons to achieve their goal and meeting people from all over the world.  If  the team is successful they will be awarded the coveted Royal Nijmegen medal on behalf of Queen Beatrix of Holland.

The cadets will be following in John's footsteps as he completed the Nijmegen 4 Day Marches in 2000 and 2001 and he would be delighted that the JTYAF is supporting this challenge.

During the four days of marching, the cadets, will wake at 3am, walk for more than 32 hours in total and take around 210,000 steps!

The cadets taking part this year:-

Vikki Chinery - 149 (Poole) Squadron

Mitchell Simmons - 149 (Poole) Squadron

Zoe Chapman- 878 (Highworth) Squadron

Joseph Chapman - 878 (Highworth) Squadron

Matthew Veale - 878(Highworth) Squadron

Oliver Pope - 992 (Malmesbury) Squadron

Daisy Eveling - 1010 (City of Salisbury) Squadron

Helen Claire Forrest - 1010 (City of Salisbury) Squadron

Liam John Stiles - 2189 (Calne) Squadron

Alex Mann - 2189 (Calne) Squadron

Nayan Shrees- 2491 (Lyneham) Squadron

Imogen Foyle - 2491 (Lyneham) Squadron

nijemegen marches
nijemegen marches