Conditioning Centre Millionaires

The Conditioning Centre has been set up to provide targeted Strength & Conditioning for people who take their performance seriously.

'We Build Athletes' is their strap line and Russell Jolly and his team aim to drive people to succeed.   Russell had the idea of challenging his members to lift a combined weight of 1 million kilograms in just five hours. On Saturday 17th August that's just what they did!

It was an incredible challenge and some of the members lifted for the entire 5 hours while other supporters popped into help during the day.   James achieved an individual personal total of almost 50,000 kg which was absolutely unbelievable.

Russell's team at the Conditioning Centre smashed the 1 million kilogram target and lifted 1,000,859 kgs.  It was an incredible job from a phenomenal bunch of people and they raised over £600 for the JTYAF which hopefully made all the hard work and post event aches and pains worthwhile.

A big thank you from all here at the JTYAF you were truly amazing.

conditioning centre
conditioning centre