BPC National Citizenship Course Students Meet the JTYAF


The JTYAF was delighted to be invited to join almost 30 students from Bournemouth and Poole College who are taking part in a residential National Citizenship Service (NCS) programme at Norden.  NCS is a Government initiative which builds on young people’s confidence, life skills, job skills and communication skills. The students were following a week of outdoor adventure with an information gathering session, where several local charities were invited to make a pitch in an effort to persuade the students to select their charity for their fundraising project in week four.

It was a privilege to meet such a great bunch of young people who have taken the initiative to use their summer to advance their futures with this fantastic course.   Pete Thornton really enjoyed delivering his presentation to the students in a field, it was definitely a first.  The students were keen to get involved with the foundation and many of them have already signed up to volunteer for us, which is fantastic.  We never fail to be impressed and inspired by the young people we are lucky enough to meet and we look forward to having these students on board.

For details on the National Citizen Service programme at Bournemouth and Poole College please contact Kate Johnson, the Volunteering Coordinator at  johnsonk2@bpc.ac.uk