Amsterdam for Young Violinist

A young Violinist has recently travelled on tour to Amsterdam with the Wessex Youth Orchestra where she was able to play infront of an international audience.

“I got to play my violin in front of approximately 300 people at a concert in Delft's 'Maria van Jessekerk', which is a large beautiful church in Delft. It was an amazing experience to play in front of so many people. We also had outdoor concerts.

This experience has given me more confidence in my playing and helped me to communicate with other people. It has inspired me even more to continue studying music and the violin. It was great to see another culture and country.

I loved getting to know more of the orchestra members, as we don't usually have much time with each other outside of rehearsal and concert times. Also I loved playing in the big church as the acoustics were so beautiful.

I will be working towards my Grade 8 violin exam this year and I hope to also take my Grade 5 piano exam. In the future I am definitely wanting to go into some sort of performance and music will definitely be a part of that. I may not be 100% sure exactly what I will do at the moment, but I am definitely wanting to keep playing the violin and this experience has given me a taste for more!”