Air Cadets Junior Leaders - Ghana 2016

The JTYAF recently funded an expedition to Ghana where eight Qualified Air Cadet Junior Leaders (QJL's) spent three weeks working with the UK based charity Village by Village. This was an incredible experience for these outstanding young people and the JTYAF was delighted to provide this great opportunty.

Their main project was to build a health clinic in the village of Otwetiri. There are currently no health facilities for miles and the QJL's were the first team to begin work on this much needed facility.

They laboured extremely hard digging the foundations and laying concrete, all by hand.  The foundations consisted of 30 bags (1.5 tonnes) of cement, 30 wheel barrows (3 tonnes) of sand, 60 wheel barrows (4.5 tonnes) of stone and 2000 litres (2 tonnes) of water, collected from a nearby water hole!

Foundations complete they will now look forward to watching the health clinic progress, before its eventual opening in February 2017.

The QJL's also worked on a project in the village of Abenta.  One wish of the local villagers was for the team to repair the football pitch - since its construction, the football pitch has been a huge success in bringing all the villagers together and has helped build community cohesion acting as a central point for all the local children to meet and play.

Unfortunately the surrounding land has started eroding on to the pitch, threatening its suitability so the QJL's built a retaining wall ensuring that the football pitch is safe and sustainable for years to come. 

If you would like to find out more about this expedition please visit the Junior Leaders JTYAF Ghana Expedition Facebook page.