Adventures of a Cadet in Hong Kong

A young Cadet has travelled to Hong Kong for the International Air Cadet Exchange along with just 7 other Cadets from the UK.

They spent two weeks with the Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps and around 20 other people from cadet organisations all around the world, such as USA, Australia, Belgium, France, etc.

We spent our time in Hong Kong following a very busy schedule with many incredible opportunities, such as visiting various markets and temples, spending time with the Hong Kong Air Cadets, and even a 3 day trip to Guangzhou in China.
The award gave me a life changing experience and allowed me to make life-long friendships with people across the world. I am so thankful to JTYAF for allowing me to have this opportunity; The opening sentence of the IACE mission states that they aim to foster international understanding, goodwill and friendship amongst participants, and thanks to this award I have been able to achieve this.

We're so pleased Helen had a great adventure!