Adam's Hair Raising Beard


Adam Plant is supporting the JTYAF in a pretty hair raising way.  He started growing his spectacular beard when he began training for the Hell Runner last year. 

Adam and some friends from the Dudsbury Pub were taking part in the crazy Hell Runner as a fundraiser for the JTYAF and he intended to shave his beard off after the race.  That was until he was set the challenge of keeping it until Christmas, a bet worth £100 for the JTYAF.  


Well Adam's challenge didn't end at Christmas and he is still growing his wonderful beard and collecting lots of sponsorship on the way.  He will be shaving it off in style ata special event at the Dudsbury Pub and Restaurant in the next few weeks. 

(Details to be released soon) Please visit Adam's Justgiving page and if not to support Adam think of his wife, it's surely worth a pound or two!