East Dorset Scouts Vision 2018

The JTYAF is proud to be sponsoring Vision 2018 for East Dorset Scouts with venue hire and entrance fees. Patrol Leaders and Sixers are planning the future of Scouting in East Dorset. The funds will be used to launch forums to help achieve Scouting’s Vision 2018 which is all about empowering young people.

Music Scholarships help Young Musicians from the Coda Fiddle Orchestra

The John Thornton Young Achievers Foundation has supported the Coda Fiddle Orchestra for six years, providing music scholarships for students who have been assessed as showing above average ability.  The John Thornton Music Scholarships fund one to one music support and violin tuition, together with the cost of instrument maintenance, sheet music and exam fees.  Isabella […]

Musical talent

A young member of East Dorset Scouts has received an award towards a new saxophone to help him achieve his musical goals. Aaron is currently taking his Grade 3 and the new alto saxophone will help him to achieve the challenging grades beyond. He has also been invited to join the school’s Big Band. Good work […]

Wainwright’s Coast to Coast Expedition

Elliott Dodds recently completed the Wainwright’s Coast to Coast Expedition for his Duke of Edinburgh award. The JTYAF were pleased to be able to help with the equipment for his adventure. Here’s Elliott’s report from his travels: “Completing the Wainwright’s Coast to Coast walk will stay with me for many years as a testing but rewarding experience. Physical preparation […]