John Thornton was named top student on the challenging Air Cadet Junior Leaders’ Course – the achievement recognised by a memorable flight with the Red Arrows at RAF Scampton. Afterwards, he was invited to become an instructor at Junior Leaders, inspiring a number of his fellow Ferndown cadets to apply for and succeed on what has become known as the Air Cadet Organisation’s toughest course.

Not for the faint-hearted, the Air Cadets Junior Leaders Course is physically demanding and requires real commitment and determination. The course, which runs from September to Easter, involves nine weekend training camps and an assessment week. A big step up from the other Cadet Leadership Courses, the Junior Leaders Course is aimed at cadets 17 years or older in the year they begin the course. It’s also open to Sea Cadets and Army Cadets and culminates in the award of a Level Two Certificate in Team Leadership from the Institute of Leadership and Management. This is the toughest but most rewarding of the Air Cadets leadership courses – any Cadet that makes it through has the makings of a very successful leader.

John was fiercely proud of his link with this great course and the JTYAF is privileged to have the opportunity to continue that support by assisting in the development of these talented young men and women.

Application process

Awards are made by nomination there is therefore no application process.